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Unique approach

At Visive we have genuine specialist engineering and electronics backgrounds which means that you will benefit from the highest quality and safest products on the market. Design and manufacture is spilt between our own operation in the UK and our USA partners at US LED, under the strictest quality control procedures, we are not re-selling inferior imported products.

We can offer you a complete design consultancy to produce unique lighting solutions that perfectly match your requirements.

We will deliver the optimum in cost, longevity, energy savings, brightness, size and weatherability. Where we really outflank the competition is our combination of design creativity and engineering ingenuity, with low-maintenance, low-energy products that save you money, give you enhanced lighting, are totally safe, create moods and improve illuminated environments.

Our Hi-Lite™ contour tube lighting has evolved for over ten years to maturity and is now the premium LED neon-replacement tube on the market. It benefits from a number of unique design innovations - the richness of colour, the durability of the tough acrylic tube, the simplicity of our unique clip and fit system and our unique safety-enhanced power supply unit.

Visive can demonstrate the broadest knowledge of LED technology, its strengths, its compatibility with other materials and its suitability for particular lighting applications.

You can be assured of the highest quality of product and service. Every component is subject to the strictest quality control procedures (ISO9001:2008 accredited), and all products are thoroughly tested before shipping.

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