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New dual-branding by Spar and Jet is launched

Astley Signs, Visive Group Ltd, Hi-Lite™, UK

The UK’s first Jet and Spar dual-branded site has opened following the April launch of a new convenience partnership between the fuel brand and the symbol group.

Jet Maybole in South Ayrshire is the first in a number of Jet sites that have chosen to take up the dual branding offer. The 12- nozzle site, which has been part of the Jet network since 2007, previously had Premier as its symbol group.

Spar were keen to make a dramatic impact for their new partnership but equally ensure they meet their carbon reduction commitments hence, Hi-Lite green LED contour tubing was installed to various façade elevations.  

Jet have also been actively installing Hi-Lite yellow LED contour tubing to their canopy elevations.

Installation was undertaken by Astley Signs a leading sign manufacturer and project manager of new identity programmes.

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