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Contour LED flex tube

Contour Flex: AQUALUC

Visive have announced two new additions to its range of LED lighting; the AQUALUC W:AVE and C:URVE.

The new arrivals offer a fully flexible aspect to the Visive product range.  W:AVE flows up and down in the form of a wave and the C:URVE can be shaped from left to right to allow complete flexibility for the user.

Both products stand out from the crowd with their homogenous illumination over the entire light-emitting surface.  A feed-in system allows a number of modules to be fitted together to create a consistent light line, free from interruptions or shadows.

The whole AQUALUC range is incredibly hardwearing and water resistant which allows for a high number of possible applications.  The full series is regularly tested against salt, water, dust and chemicals, and with a high IP rating of 67/68 means it is perfectly suitable for outside lighting.

The new products are available in a variety of shades of white as well as solid and changing colours.  This, combined with the high light output of means that both the C:URVE and the W:AVE are suitable for decoration and illumination.


  • Fully flexible
  • Hardwearing and water resistant IP 67/68
  • Range of colours available
  • High light output
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