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Hi-Lite™ II Fusion is the newest product in the Hi-Lite™ range.

Two or more bright, vivid colours of this candy strip effect can be combined within a single tube section to produce an eye catching and unique look.

With multiple colours fused side by side, ‘Fusion’ is ideal for sweet or toy displays within a retail environment but is also effective in a number of retail applications.

The benefits of Hi-Lite™ II Fusion:

  • Uses 80% less energy than traditional alternatives
  • Ensures a healthy 10-year lifespan
  • Safe to touch with zero shock risk
  • External and internal applications
  • Manufactured in the UK from recyclable materials
  • A unique, easy to install system
  • A weatherproof product
  • Increased visibility

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Hi-Lite™ II is a revolution in feature lighting

Hi-Lite™ is made from from some very tough stuff. The transparent thermoplastic used in the manufacture of Hi-Lite™ ensures a healthy 10-year lifespan, even in extreme weather conditions. We can guarantee that within this timeframe no maintenance will be required. Getting rid of your Hi-Lite™ tubing is as easy as installing it into your premises. Our products are 100% recyclable and WEEE compliant.



Power to Hi-Lite™ tubes is provided by smart power supply units. Running a low voltage makes Hi-Lite™ safe to touch with zero shock risk. However, experience tells us that where there is electricity and the risk of contact with water, there is always a safety risk. This is why we have developed and patented a unique safety-enhanced power supply unit to give added peace of mind. By constantly monitoring the electrical parameters of the installation, the risks normally associated with using electrical products outdoors are eliminated. Hi-Lite™ is perfect in public access areas. You can install Hi-Lite™ in retail chain stores, clubs and pubs, restaurants, cinemas, service stations, supermarkets, casinos. In fact, anywhere you want a flexible, 100% safe, consistent quality product with a pure and even spread of light that’s a cinch to install.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Hi-Lite™ is the ultimate eco-friendly feature lighting solution. Using highly efficient LED technology, it consumes only around 20% of the energy needed by traditional alternatives such as glass neon tubes. For example, an 18-metre length of Hi-Lite™ consumes less energy than a 60W light bulb. If you are thinking of replacing an existing neon or cold-cathode installation with Hi-Lite™, we can produce a payback analysis to show how quickly you can expect to recoup the initial outlay based on energy and/or maintenance savings.

As well as saving energy Hi-Lite™ is manufactured from recyclable materials, and being RoHS compliant contains no dangerous or polluting chemicals.



Hi-Lite™ is designed to be installed by any competent tradesman. Plug-and-play low voltage wiring makes installation a breeze- simply plug in and switch on. Only the mains electricity feed to the power supply unit(s) needs any electrical knowledge and sign-fitters, electricians, and even capable DIYers will have no problems fitting and commissioning Hi-Lite™. For any unusual installations, or unexpected events, professional technical support is available by email or telephone for advice and guidance. If you don’t already have a preferred contractor in mind, contact us for details of installation teams in your areas with experience of Hi-Lite™.



Hi-Lite™ LED contour tubing has a myriad of uses in both external and internal applications. Whether used for straightforward linear roofline delineation, as a feature in a signage component, or part of a multi-coloured architectural or artistic installation, Hi-Lite™ provides feature lighting that is both stylish and reliable.

Equally comfortable inside a high-class retail outlet or on a sea-front pier, you can find Hi-Lite™ installed on everything from fast-food restaurants to suspension bridges. The bright, saturated colours provide a quality look and feel, which lifts even the most mundane industrial or retail environments to a higher level of perceived quality.

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