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5 environmental benefits of using LED contour lighting

LED lights use 80% less energy than traditional alternatives.

We are all responsible, as both individuals and businesses, for our impact on the environment. Many businesses have specific environmental targets to reduce their carbon footprint and lessen the impact their business operations have on our planet.

LED contour lighting is a fantastic example of technological developments which businesses can now embrace and utilise to help them achieve their environmental targets.

Energy efficiency

LED lights are typically around 80% – 90% energy efficient and most traditional lighting is only 20% energy efficient. This means most of the electricity used in powering a traditional light is wasted through heat loss. Put another way, LED lights use 80% less energy than traditional alternatives.

Low UV and infrared

LED lights produce little infrared light and almost no ultraviolet (UV) radiation. As well as the many health and environmental benefits this brings it also means LED lights are an excellent choice for illuminating objects or buildings sensitive to infrared and UV such as galleries, museums and other fragile objects.

No toxic chemicals

Conventional cold cathode or fluorescent lighting contains harmful chemicals such as mercury which is dangerous to us and our environment and difficult to dispose of. LED lights contain no toxic chemicals and are easily recycled.

Life span

The minimum expected life span of all Visive LED contour tubes is 10-years. Therefore, the frequency with which lights need replacing is dramatically reduced minimising both the materials and energy required to produce new lights. It is estimated that switching to one LED light bulb could save the production of up to 25 incandescent light bulbs.

Recycled materials

As well as LED lights being easily to recycle, Visive also uses recycled materials in the manufacture of both its Hi-Lite™30 and Hi-Brow™30 range of LED contour tubes.

To find out more about Visive’s range of environmentally friendly, energy efficient LED contour tubing call 01978 660181 or contact the team.

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