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Visive’s design philosophy is based on viewing a problem in the round – what some might call a ‘holistic approach’.

Examine all possible problems and solutions from all angles, before deciding on the best route to the required destination.  And then don’t be afraid to change course as the design progresses and the specification becomes more defined.

Design is usually about compromise – finding the best fit based on all the relevant criteria.  Elements such as optical performance, efficacy, budget, available time and mechanical constraints must all be weighed up against each other.  The first step in any design process is to find out the customers’ expectations in each of these areas.  The usual answer given is that they are all equally important, but by asking the right questions it is usually possible to drill down to the fundamental requirements and establish the ultimate goal.  In essence – how do we want to differentiate this product from the competition?

Visive’s experienced design team has expertise covering all aspects of LED product design, including;

  • Analogue and digital electronics, including microprocessor systems;
  • Drivers and control solutions;
  • Optical and photometric parameters;
  • Efficient and effective PCB layout;
  • Thermal management (including simulation);
  • Sheet metalwork;
  • Moulded and extruded plastic parts.

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