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5 benefits of Hi-Lite™ 30 LED contour tube

The Hi-Lite™ 30 LED contour tube has many benefits, making it the perfect alternative to traditional lighting solutions. Here we look at 5 of the best benefits of LED lighting:

1) Easy to install

Hi-Lite™ 30 standard tube lengths can be connected together in a simple ‘plug & play’ daisy chain configuration. Most installations require a certain number of standard lengths (2.4m) and a Field Adjustable Section at one end, which can be cut to length on site, saving both time and money on bespoke lengths.

2) Energy saving

Another of the benefits of LED lighting that appeals to customers is how low the energy consumption is. LED lighting uses 80% less energy than traditional alternatives. This saves you money and improves your green credentials. Since LED doesn’t contain any mercury or dangerous gases it is also a more environmentally friendly product. Furthermore, Hi-Lite™ 30 LED contour lighting is manufactured in the UK from recyclable materials.

3) Better light distribution

The Hi-Lite™ 30 tube gets its name from the circumference of the tubing, which is 30mm. The surface area of the tube is maximised because less surface area is flat against the wall where it is fitted, which means more light is emitted. Your business will be brighter and more memorable to passers by. LED light is also sharper than neon and the brightness only fades gradually over a long-time.

4) Maintenance-free

LED lights are virtually maintenance free for their entire life-time, saving you time and money and keeping your business illuminated for longer. After a while neon lights need re-gassing and cleaning, which requires the entire sign to be dismantled and taken to a professional. The life expectancy of LED lights is also far longer than traditional alternatives.

5) Hard wearing

Glass lighting alternatives can easily break and are difficult to replace. Hi-Lite™ 30 LED contour lighting, however, is very tough. Made from acrylic tubing the construction is very reliable and safe to install. If breakages do occur, it is very easy to repair and replace sections of the Hi-Lite™ 30.

Hi-Lite™ 30 is UK designed and manufactured in Wrexham and China for distribution to partners & businesses across the globe. For more information about Visive’s Hi-Lite™ range of LED lighting solutions take a look at our Products page or contact Visive today.

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