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Exterior LED lighting for hotels

Visive Group are justly proud of their latest, innovative lighting product, the Hi-Lite™30 contour tube. The design and specification of this new addition to their range has been influenced by the changing needs of the hotel industry to enhance brand identities with quality lit and inviting customer environments.

Visive has supplied Hi-Lite™ to a number of hotel chains, including Holiday Inn, Premier Inn and The Marriott and in response to customer demand, they have developed this slightly larger, 30mm contour tube product. Combined with additional control capabilities and a circuit sensor device (Patented), this is a robust, easy-to-install LED lighting system, making it ideal for hotels across the globe.

The new Hi-Lite™30 has a unique (patent-applied) 2.4m Field Adjustable Section, allowing it to be cut on-site. This means less bespoke accurate lengths are required to be ordered and there are no secondary shipping costs.

The end caps are ultrasonic welded to provide a perfect seal and reduce production time. For hotels, this means their brand can be lit up in less time, and they have a product that is reliable, safe and virtually maintenance free. Hi-Lite™30 can withstand both very cold and hot temperatures, offering year-round reliability.

Efficient LED lighting for hotels

Hi-Lite™30 is an energy efficient, cheap to run LED lighting for hotels. It’s available with an input voltage of 46V which, requires less PSUs, shortening installation time and again reducing possible maintenance failures. Viewed on a commercial scale, these combined features make Hi-Lite™30 a very competitive option for hotel exterior lighting and gives scope to more ambitious lighting projects.

Changing the landscape of LED contour lighting

Visive Group supply a growing international market and the new Hi-Lite™30 represents a high quality, value for money solution for exterior LED lighting for hotels. For more information about Visive’s range of energy saving contour lighting solutions, and how they can change the face of your hotel chain, contact Visive today.

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