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Why replace your fluorescent tubes with LED tube lighting?

For the majority of large buildings, fluorescent lighting has been the first choice for many years now. However, with cost-effective, easy to install alternatives like the Hi-Lite™ LED tube lighting range from Visive, we are seeing more and more businesses take advantage of the cost savings possible with LED strip & border lighting.

No poisonous materials

Fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, which is extremely harmful to all life. The mercury from one bulb can contaminate up to 30,000 litres of water and cause serious damage to wildlife and aquatic nature.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have no harmful chemicals or gases contained within them, meaning they are easier to dispose of and do not require specialist disposal.

Cost effective

LED tube lighting typically uses less than 5W p/m which can be 60% less than fluorescent tubes and 80% less than Neon. When LEDs were first developed, they were not cost effective due to the high initial outlay. However, technology has advanced and we have seen the market change massively over the past 20-years.

LED tube lighting is now very affordable and, when considering the cost savings due to lower energy consumption, it is a no-brainer for many businesses looking to save money on lighting.

Better for the environment

Sustainability-focussed businesses can sleep sound in the knowledge that their LED tube lighting is using far less energy than fluorescent alternatives. Your reduced carbon footprint will help you reach your sustainability targets and keep your green promises. Also, as mentioned above, LEDs contain no harmful mercury that could leach into the eco-system destroying life if not disposed of carefully.


Fluorescent tubes are made of fragile glass that can easily shatter and cause a health and safety nightmare.

The Hi-Lite™ LED tube range is shatterproof, making it much safer, easier to install and less likely to need repairs. It is also water resistant, able to withstand extreme temperatures and features a Patented Current Sense Circuit (CSC) which is integral to the Power Supply Unit (PSU).

Longer lasting

The typical life span of a fluorescent tube is 30,000 hours, whereas an LED tube will typically last around 50,000 to 100,000 hours (dependent on colour and environment). This further saves money and time associated with replacing and maintaining fluorescent tubes.

To replace your fluorescent lights with LED tube lighting, contact Visive today to find out more about our Hi-Lite ™ and Hi-Brow range of energy efficient LED lighting.

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