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Hi-Lite™ 30 – LED contour lighting installation made simple

LED contour lighting installation doesn’t need to be complicated, which is one of the reasons Visive Hi-Lite™ 30 LED lighting is so popular. Not only is it simple to install, it’s also extremely safe to use.

An LED lighting installation using Hi-Lite™ 30 will use the standard 2.4m length of tube. To complement these standard lengths, Visive have pioneered Field Adjustable Sections (available in 2.4m and 1.2m lengths) which can be cut to size on-site. The Field Adjustable Sections reduce the need of manufacturing bespoke section lengths – making LED lighting installation easier, quicker and far more cost effective.

When using standard sections, installation is simply a case of fitting connectors to each section end, prior to joining them, creating a ‘daisy-chain’ configuration. Field Adjustable Sections only have one connector, which gives the installer the flexibility of cutting the other end to size.

Adjustable LED contour lighting sections

Field Adjustable Sections feature markers along the tube length (at 50mm intervals), indicating where the tube sections can be safely cut. Once cut to the desired length, it’s simply a case of inserting the connector before gluing an end cap to seal the tube section (for best results it is advisable that Field Adjustable Sections are always cut in a dry environment).

Leading the way in LED contour lighting installation

Visive Group supply a growing international market with the versatile Hi-Lite™ 30 range. For more information about LED contour lighting installation, or energy saving, contour lighting solutions, contact Visive today.

Download the Specification and Installation PDF.

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