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Hi-Lite™ LED contour tube: superior energy saving lighting

The Hi-Lite™ LED contour range of energy saving lighting is proven to use 80% less energy than traditional alternatives, such as incandescent and neon. Compared to traditional neon lighting, LED lighting needs just 46 volts to operate (compared to a whopping 15,000 volts for neon bulbs).

It’s also often assumed that neon lighting lasts longer, requires less maintenance and is easier to repair. Using Visive’s advanced technology and design, we are able to manufacture an energy saving lighting solution that does better on all three counts.

Neon lights are very fragile and shatter easily if handled or transported incorrectly. In comparison, Hi-Lite™ LED contour tubes are shatter-proof, safe to touch and have zero shock risk, making them not just easier to install but less costly to transport.

As standard, Hi-Lite™ LED contour tubes have a 10-year life span, which means maintenance costs are vastly reduced. And it doesn’t even require cleaning.

Brighter energy saving lighting

This energy saving, efficient lighting provides evenly distributed, brighter, pure light. This ensures that busineess brands stand out: all day, all night, all the time. Smooth, sonic welded end caps provide a perfect seal, ensuring a year-round weather-proof product that stands the test of time in extreme weather conditions. Because of these features, Hi-Lite™ LED contour lighting has been used in numerous, large scale installations across the globe, including China, America, Mexico and Holland.

By helping our clients reduce their energy consumption, we also encourage a lower carbon footprint for all. Our clients can ensure they are not only addressing environmental issues, they can also improve their own green credentials by choosing energy saving lighting from Visive Group. As a large proportion of our products are manufactured in the UK, we can further reduce that carbon footprint.

The future of energy saving lighting

Visive Group strive to continually re-shape the LED lighting industry. From BP to Holiday Inn we provide on an international scale. For more information about Visive’s range of energy saving lighting solutions, and how they can change the face of your business, contact us today.

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