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Visive Group pledge to reduce plastic waste

Visive reduce plastic waste

The BBC’s ‘Blue Planet’ series and their recent ‘Drowning in Plastic’ documentary have generated a much needed wake-up call for mankind. Both programmes highlighted the global issue of how we are all contributing to choking the planet with the trillions of pieces of plastic waste that enters our water systems.

Britain (together with other Commonwealth countries) has pledged major moves to eliminate avoidable plastic waste, including a ban on microbeads and a commitment to reducing single-use plastic bags.

It’s vital that corporations, businesses and individuals alike, share the responsibility of protecting our oceans, coral reefs and sea life. This isn’t just about reducing plastic waste; it extends to developing alternatives to plastic, innovative recycling and careful disposal.

Packaging review reduces plastic waste

In support of these important objectives, Visive Group has reviewed our manufacturing practices. We manufacture and assemble LED contour tube at our UK plant in Wrexham, 53% of which is shipped for export to the European marketplace.

Because of the delicate nature of our LED contour tube, it’s vital that our product is carefully packaged to avoid damage during transit. We have now replaced our primary packaging with re-cyclable cardboard and as a result have almost entirely eradicated the use of plastic.

Future developments

The introduction of re-cyclable cardboard packaging has resulted in a saving of nearly 2Km of plastic lay-flat and 330m2 of bubble wrap per week! The Visive team is now committed to developing alternative packaging methods, with an aim to completely remove plastic waste from our assembly operations.

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