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How Visive helped to transform BP service station forecourt lighting

garage forecourt lightingThe energy produced by BP serves to power economic growth and lift people out of poverty. The way heat, light and mobility are delivered is changing and BP aim to anchor their business in these changing patterns of demand, rather than in the quest for supply. They have a real contribution to make to the world’s ambition of a low carbon future.

Energy saving forecourt lighting

As part of this philosophy, in 2000 BP embarked on using low energy LEDs on their 18,300 retail branded outlets. Spotting the potential to save them money (and improve their green credentials), Visive suggested that BP use their LED contour tube for service station forecourt lighting. As a result, trials began on the BP Milton Keynes garage forecourt in 2000.

During the 1990s the technology to create blue, green and white light emitting diodes (LEDs) was still being perfected. New techniques and processes now allowed for much cheaper and brighter LEDs to be developed, using InGaN (Indium Gallium Nitride) semiconductor materials. InGaN is the light-emitting layer in modern blue and green LEDs.

Employing these new technologies, Visive developed Hi-Lite™, an innovative LED contour acrylic tube lighting system. Hi-Lite™ proved to be a cheaper, greener, brighter, more efficient and safer alternative to the neon* lights BP were using for forecourt lighting. So much so, that Hi-Lite™ was rolled out over 1,000 service station forecourts across the globe, shipping to over 15 countries.

Global rebranding

The global roll out of Hi-Lite™ coincided with a full-scale, BP forecourt rebranding exercise. Visive’s Hi-Lite™ was an essential part of that rebrand and the product featured heavily as an integral part of BPs brand awareness operation.

Fast-forward to today and the Hi-Lite™ LED contour tube continues to innovate service station forecourt lighting for companies such as BP, Sainsbury’s, Jet, Gulf and many more international brands. Its weather-proof constitution and durable material, means Hi-Lite™ has been exceeding predicted product life-span (estimated to be 7 years) and providing even better value than expected. For our customers, this offers significant energy and money saving opportunities.

Innovative LED service station forecourt lighting

Visive supply a growing international market with the versatile Hi-Lite™ range. For more information about their energy saving LED contour lighting solutions, contact Visive today.

*Though cold-cathode tubes are commonly referred to as neon tubes, in the case of BP (and green tubes), the gas used was usually argon not neon, with a phosphor coating on the inside of the glass. Replacing neon or argon tube lighting with LED contour tube lighting, delivers the same benefits in cost savings through reduced energy and lower maintenance. For more information, see Hi-Lite Contour Lighting.

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