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Visive launches new two colour contour border tubing

Visive launches new two colour contour border tube

Visive is excited to bring to market its new two colour contour border tubing, Hi-Lite™30 Duo.  Hi-Lite™ 30 Classic is one of Visive’s most popular LED lighting solutions so it was a natural step to extend the range from a single colour LED architectural lighting tube to a dual coloured tube. 

Building lighting with a difference

Like its single colour counterpart, Hi-Lite™ 30 Classic, Hi-Lite™ 30 Duo creates an impressive continuous stream of light on service station facades, cinemas, hotels, casinos or shopping malls. The addition of the second colour allows lighting designers to get really creative with architectural lighting solutions allowing clients properties to stand out from the crowd. 

Visive are able to match specific colours allowing a totally bespoke, unique and vibrant lighting system to be created for a client’s brand. 

Visive launches new two colour contour border tube

Safety first

As with all of Visive’s LED lighting solutions, Hi-Lite™ 30 Duo uses 80% less energy than traditional lighting alternatives, is weatherproof and safe to touch with zero risk of shock to installers or maintenance teams. Hi-Lite™ 30 Duo also utilises Visive’s unique remote diagnostic system to quickly, easily and safely identify any issues within the tubing. 

“Hi-Lite 30™ Classic has been a flagship product for us for a long time, so it was a natural step to further develop the product with the addition of a dual colour contour tube option” said Visive Chairman and Marketing Director, Charles Tweed.

“Visive is committed to continual new product development (NPD) to aid our supply partners, clients, sign companies, lighting designers and building architects to create breath-taking lighting solutions.” he added. 

Easy installation

Hi-Lite™ 30 Duo is as easy to install as Hi-Lite 30™ Classic and Visive engineers and experts are always on hand to offer any advice and guidance needed. 

Click here to find out more about Hi-Lite™ 30 Duo or call the Visive team on 01978 660181.

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