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Hi-Brow™ is a 30mm diameter frosted acrylic tube with LEDs and lenses to project an even consistent fascia wash-light effect up or down a surface.

Hi-Brow™ provides a cascading even light flow that is fixed easily to a soffit, pelmet or fabricated extrusion

Long runs of Hi-Brow™ can be made by simply daisy-chaining sections together (all cabling and connections are completely hidden from view behind the tube sections).

Hi-Brow™ is a frosted acrylic tube which can be supplied with a wide range of LED colours and specialised lenses to create an effective light source. It is specifically designed for wash-lighting building facades, signage, displays and POS as a more reliable, robust, power efficient and long-lasting alternative to neon/cold cathode glass tubes.

It’s perfect for use in public access areas such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, service stations, supermarkets and casinos. In fact, anywhere that a versatile, robust, 100% safe product with a pure and even spread of fascia wash-light is needed.

The benefits of Hi-Brow™:

  • Uses 80% less energy than traditional alternatives
  • Ensures a healthy 10-year lifespan
  • Safe to touch with zero shock risk
  • External and internal applications
  • Manufactured from recyclable materials and supplied globally
  • A unique, easy to install system
  • A completely weatherproof product
  • Increased visibility

For more information on Hi-Brow™ and how it can benefit your business, contact Visive today.

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