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Hi-Lite™30 Duo is a two colour acrylic tube providing a dramatic wash-light upwards and downwards of each colour.


Hi-Lite™ LED contour tube has been used around the world for over 20-years to safely illuminate the buildings, structures and brands of countless blue-chip customers .

Prestigious brands operating in retail shopping, service stations, fast-food restaurants, casinos and other leisure sectors, have trusted and endorsed the Visive LED products on their locations.

Made in standard 2.4m (7’10 ½”) long sections, Hi-Lite™30 LED contour tube is an extruded 30mm diameter acrylic tube which is fixed to the base structure using polycarbonate clips. Long runs can be made by simply daisy-chaining sections together (all cabling and connections are completely hidden from view behind the tube sections).

Hi-Lite™30 features a Field Adjustable Section which provides installers the flexibility of being able to cut sections on site.

All our Hi-Lite™ and Hi-Brow™ Border tubes are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Wrexham, UK

The industry-leading benefits of all Visive‘s products:

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

All our LED contour products are ultra-efficient, with power consumption as low as 1w per metre in some configurations. All the LED chips we use feature class-leading efficacy and L70 values.

Healthy Lifespan

Healthy Lifespan

All our products have a long lifetime compared to both traditional cold-cathode and neon alternatives. Indeed, we have sites still operating that are nearly 20 years old! We are careful about selecting the best quality LEDs from top-line suppliers such as Osram, Nichia and Samsung. Even then we test parts in-house for extended periods to ensure that manufacturers data and lifetime predictions hold up.



Unlike neon or cold cathode tubes, Hi-Lite™30 & Hi-Brow™30 are cool and safe to touch, perfect for public areas.

Power Supply Units (PSUs) are IP67 rated for outdoor installation and are fitted with our unique Patented [EP1479271] ‘Current Sense Circuit’ (CSC) system as standard; the CSC constantly monitors the health of an installation and in the unlikely event of a fault being detected, the low-voltage supply will be removed. Whilst the CSC is a safety feature, it can also assist with troubleshooting and will provide information to the user on the type of fault.

Easy To Install

Easy To Install

All our tube products are quick and easy to install. Robust, pre-drilled clips hold sections securely in place whilst being discreetly hidden out of sight behind the tubes. Integrated connection wires, terminated with IP67 rated connectors, allow tubes to be daisy-chained into longer runs – a true plug-and-play system.

The low power requirements, coupled with constant-current drive technology, minimises the number of power supplies required for each installation. This in turn reduces the time and cost for the installer when fixing and connecting the tubes.

The robust tubes come in a standard length of 2400mm (7’10 ½”) and 1200mm (3’11 ¼”) and can be cut on site at 50mm (2”) intervals. Full details of the installation process are given in our installation guide, and ‘Tech talk’ video clips, available on YouTube, which provide more detail on specific aspects, such as the process of cutting tubes to length, or the operation of the CSC system.



Hi-Lite™30 & Hi-Brow™30 tubes are factory sealed with endcaps fixed by an advanced ultra-sonic welding process. They are then individually tested to ensure they are fully weatherproof and ready to provide a long, maintenance free, life.

All products are covered by a 5-year warranty.

Perfect Illumination

Perfect Illumination

Hi-Lite™30 & Hi-Brow™30 tubes are manufactured in the UK from recyclable materials. The impact modified PMMA (acrylic) used for the extruded profile features inherently superior UV performance when compared to polycarbonate or PVC alternatives.  The colour pigments used are all rated at the maximum 8 on the blue wool scale, ensuring resistance to fading.

A standard range of vibrant colours is available, but it is also possible to match a customer’s specific corporate brand design. Whether unilluminated in the daytime or lit at night the coloured identity is maintained when using our Hi-Lite™30 Classic or Border range of products.

By the careful design and specification of the LEDs inside the tube, and the use of unique diffusing additives in the extrusion itself, a consistent linear illumination effect is achieved without the localised hot spots seen on many inferior products.

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