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External LED strip lighting – ideas for hotels

Adding architectural LED strip lighting to your hotel attracts customers and makes your brand more recognisable, memorable and easier to find. However, LED contour tubing doesn’t need to be restricted to only lighting up your hotel frontage.

Pool side paradise

Without safe lighting, the pool can become a no-go area for your hotel guests when the sun goes down. Both Visive’s Hi-Lite™ 30 range and Hi-Brow™ 30 are completely waterproof and specially designed to withstand extreme climates. LED strip lighting is also brighter than alternatives, meaning fewer lights are needed and less energy is consumed.

Step to it

If you have steps outside leading to different areas of your garden, installing outdoor LED contour tube lighting under the overhang of each step creates a striking impression and enhanced safety feature. The lights draw the guests’ eyes to the steps, helping them further explore and enjoy your garden.

Light up their life

Provide gentle mood lighting by installing LED contour tubing along the borders of your veranda or seating areas. This will create just enough light without the need for obtrusive overhead lighting or table lamps; perhaps just a candle or two to complete the ambience.

Outdoor bar

Create an eye-catching outdoor bar with LED contour tube along the length of the bar. Install under the worktop, at floor level and above head height to create a visually appealing, well-lit outdoor bar area.

Rise up

If your garden or outdoor area features different levels, install LED strip lighting along the borders of the raised areas to make it safer for guests walking between them and help create a more visually interesting partition.

Visive’s Hi-Lite™ 30 range and Hi-Brow™ 30 are both long lasting lighting solutions which require virtually no maintenance, so you can install outside knowing for a striking, hassle-free design effect.

For more information about Visive’s LED strip lighting solutions take a look at our Products page or contact Visive today.

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