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How to maintain your LED contour tube lighting

How to maintain your LED contour tube lighting

Visive’s LED Contour tube lighting is virtually maintenance-free.

One of the many advantages to utilising LED contour tubing for outdoor, architectural lighting is that it offers a virtually maintenance-free lighting solution.

Easy to maintain

The robust acrylic tubes which encase the LED lights are tough and reliable offering a completely weatherproof and waterproof product. Visive’s Hi-Lite™ 30 and Hi-Brow™ 30 products are manufactured with a minimum 10 year life span so maintenance requirements are minimal. When installing architectural building lighting a primary concern is often whether the lights stay on or not so a 10 year life span is not to be underestimated!

Zero shock risk

LED contour border tubing is completely safe to touch with zero risk of shock to installers and cleaners. Visive products also utilise their patented diagnostic system which continuously and automatically performs tests on the DC supply. If a fault is detected the DC output is automatically switched off.

Quality LEDs

Whilst the ease of installation and maintenance of LED border contour tubing cannot be denied, not all LED architectural lighting solutions are equal. In order to truly benefit from a virtually maintenance-free product, installers and lighting designers must ensure they source a quality product from an experienced and skilled LED contour tube manufacturer.

For more information about Visive‚Äôs Hi-Lite™ 30 or Hi-Brow™ 30 products visit the Products page or get in touch with the Visive team today.

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