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Quality built in

From global brands to local independent operators, our customers know only the best components are selected for use in our LED contour products.

Image shows the brands of LEDs and materials we use in our LED contour products

We have always designed our products from scratch and with over 20 years’ experience of LED contour products design we understand how important this is to our customers.  

Copycat products regularly enter the market, copying both our products profile and clips as well as replicating our installation instructions.  

At Visive we don’t rely on copying other people’s designs.  Our products are designed and developed with our customers, by our team based at our headquarters in Wrexham UK.  This has resulted in the current version of Hi-Lite™ which includes:

  • a fully annealed extruded profile.
  • enhanced factory fitted ultrasonic endcaps.
  • and a new deeper field adjustable endcap.

Hi-Lite™30 and Hi-Brow™30 are truly plug and play meaning no making cables on site or hidden costs.

Our LED contour products are the safest on the market thanks to our patented CSC protection device.  This feature means customers don’t have to worry about the risk of fires that effect other manufacturers products.  

This clever device is being upgraded allowing customers to control product from anywhere in the world.  This provides the opportunity to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. The Smart CSC will also be compatible with other manufacturers LED products, further increasing the benefits from incorporating this device into your infrastructure.  To learn more please follow the link

To learn more about our history and how we created our products along with the benefits the Visive solutions offer, please get in touch and we would love to talk to you. or +44 (0)1978 660181

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