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The Current Sense Circuit (CSC) safety system

The Current Sense Circuit (CSC) safety system

Both of Visive’s LED contour tube solutions, Hi-Brow™ 30 and Hi-Lite™ 30, can be supplied with their patented Current Sense Circuit safety system. The Current Sense Circuit is primarily a safety feature but can also be used to troubleshoot faults.

Continual testing

The Current Sense Circuit continuously and automatically performs tests on the DC supply of the LED contour tubing installation. If a fault is detected the DC supply is automatically switched off. This automatic detection and power shutdown helps to dramatically reduce the risks associated with using electrical products outdoors. 

The Current Sense Circuit (CSC) safety system


Although the Current Sense Circuit’s primary function is safety, the device does come with a status LED which can indicate the cause of the fault. The pulse ratio of the status LED relates to a specific fault issue. This troubleshooting aid means quicker fault diagnostics and considerably less down time.

Safety features

LED contour tubing is already a brilliantly safe product for use in public access areas as it is safe to touch with zero risk of shock. The Current Sense Circuit system adds to these existing safety features making both Hi-Brow™ 30 and Hi-Lite™ 30 ideal products for use in retail chain stores, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, service stations, supermarkets and casinos.

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