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Minimising light pollution with LED contour tubing

Visive’s range of LED contour tubing can significantly reduce the impact of light pollution

Light pollution is an increasing problem. The UK Government describes the impact light pollution, or light obtrusion, can have as “a source of annoyance to people, harmful to wildlife, undermine enjoyment of the countryside or detract from enjoyment of the night sky”.

Light pollution can create a blanket of luminous ‘fog’ over densely populated towns and cities, not only affecting wildlife but also negatively impacting on people’s sleep patterns.

Low colour LEDs

Outdoor LED building contour tubing creates significantly less impact on light pollution than its outdoor Neon light counterparts. Couple this with low colour LEDs and the impact is reduced even further. These benefits do not need to be achieved by compromising on brand or style, because market leading, LED contour tube manufacturers Visive, can create custom solutions to match any brand colours.

Visive LED contour tubing minimises light pollution

Directional light

One of the issues outdoor building lighting can contribute to light pollution is, according to LEDVANCE, light not falling where it is intended. Using LED contour tubing greatly reduces this problem because the contour tube creates a continuous stream of highly directional light, precisely illuminating the intended areas. Products such as Visive’s Hi-Brow™30 can provide a pure, even spread of wash light easily fixed to soffit, pelmet or fabricated extrusion. This ensures the light is exactly where it needs to be.

To find out more about Visive’s range of LED contour tubing call 01978 660181 or contact the team.

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